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COVID-19 Response Guide for Public Health Officials

Available Now:

Visionlink's data science partner, Talus Analytics, has been working with the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Bio team, the Center for Global Development, and the Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security to create an authoritative guide for COVID-19 response.

In their words:

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant disruptions to cities and local communities in the US and around the world. Successful suppression of COVID-19 in the United States will require urgent and decisive action by state, local and community leaders across the country.

The COVID-19 Frontline Guide is intended to provide these leaders and public officials with a web-based decision support tool and progress indicators to assist in informed decision-making on how to combat COVID-19 in their jurisdictions. This guide provides a framework to help local leaders establish strategies to fight the outbreak, both by reducing transmission of the disease and by supporting their communities effectively.

The Guide is a joint project of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Bio team, the Center for Global Development, and the Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security, in collaboration with Talus Analytics."

You can access the guide here.

Learn more about Visionlink's suite of disaster relief solutions, including Volunteer, Goods and Services Donations, Client and Case tools, Sheltering, COVID-19 Tracker and more. 

Help Colorado Now - Visionlink Tech Helps Fight COVID-19

Deployed by the State of Colorado, a new site for volunteers and donors is engaging helpful people across the state--by the thousands--who are heeding the Governor's call to volunteer and donate. You can join them here.  

Or catch up on the announcement from the Governor, and stories in the press. 

Governor's Office
Fox News
The Denver Channel, Channel 7
KKTV Channel 11
Colorado Public Radio
Denver Post

Visionlink is honored to provide the volunteer and donation technologies to support Colorado. Read more about our Disaster Technologies Suite and its volunteer, donor, shelter, client, case management and COVID-19 tracker modules. 

COVID-19 Infection & Quarantine Tracker

Community Infection & Quarantine Tracker Available Now

Visionlink announces the COVID-19 Infection and Quarantine Tracker for 2-1-1s, I&R Centers, Aging Agencies, Crisis Lines and Disaster Agencies. 

While the CDC focuses on policy and testing certifications, and as local hospitals prepare, local communities and their public health officials need access to accurate, daily information about the numbers of residents concerned about the virus, those you are symptomatic, and those who are in self-imposed or officially mandated quarantines.

Because the virus has so many undefined behaviors, daily status and symptom checks are critical for local and state response planning. 

The tracker is complete with on-line resources, scheduled reports, and phone or text surveys for status and symptoms. 

The Tracker is immediately available. Download the product sheet here

More information for 2-1-1's and I&R's.
More information for Aging Agencies and Crisis Lines.
More information for Disaster Relief Agencies.

New Web Site & Blog

Three Cheers!

Pleased to invite everyone to check out our new web site and this re-designed blog site!  You've found the blog, the web site is accessible across that menu bar above this posting, or directly at

We hope we've done a great job explaining what we do, and showcasing the systems used by so many amazing customers and thought leaders.  If you have any suggestions please let us know!

We incorporated a wide range of new tech, using highly compressed video and graphics, and logically loading well-sequenced page components, matched to your device and bandwidth. In the end? We're delivering a site highly ranked for performance. It's brand new, so that score will increase as we optimize the code further.

Speed matters--whether we are loading up a web page, or launching a new solution.

Multi Language & Localization to the Next Level

Approximately 14% to 15% of adults in the U.S. and Canada speak something other than English or French at home.

So it is only right that we provide sophisticated language and localization tools to support all the people in a community. 

Web Sites 

Deploy in one or multiple languages. Do this with real-time, machine-based, or human translated content. Create content in different languages, or let the user select a language once they arrive.

Data Entry, Query and Result Options

Visitors, volunteers, and staff can use forms and tools deployed in different languages and dialects. Languages can be determined by role or permission, or the user can switch between languages from a form or module, or the user can see more than one language on the same tool at the same time. 

The Magic

The CommunityOS™ platform offers the extraordinary ability to build entire sets of data entry and search tools, as examples, from translated content--automatically. Start with a form in English, create the translations, and the system builds the forms in one or many other languages for you.

Translation Options

We support real-time browser-based translation, machine-based translation, and human translated content, forms, and tools. One or all of these can be used on the same Visionlink platform simultaneously. 

Database Level Support

Depending on the use case, systems can use different database fields for different languages, or the same field for different languages, or a mix--as if often the most appropriate approach. With the Advanced Package, customers have direct access to SQL data field creation, so fields in different languages can be deployed, named, and managed appropriately. 

Multi-Lingual APIs

Because language support can be constructed from the data table up, and because the system is built on the international character set, API data exchanges and our API Builder provide support for multi-lingual content. Authorized users can combine languages within a single API endpoint, or restrict a data exchange to a specific language. 

So join us on the CommunityOS platform from Visionlink! Let's embrace the diversity of language that defines our communities.