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BRACE Luncheon

BRACE, "Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies," is sponsoring it's annual luncheon next week, June 29th, downtown Pensacola Florida.

Dr. Steve Picou will be presenting on the sociological impact of disasters. Yours truly will also be presenting, focusing on the efficacies of multi-agency partnerships, and their ability to leverage resources--all the more important in the current economy.

BRACE offers a national model for multi-agency collaboration, capacities which will be more than necessary to fight the oil spill.

You can read more about the event, even register via this link at

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

Volunteerism Highest in 6 Years

Even in these economic times, Americans are reaching out to support one another at rates higher than for the previous six years.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, summarizing a report by the Corporation for National and Community Service, says that more than 63 million Americans (and that's only counting adults), volunteered to help a charitable cause last year.  That is nearly 27 percent of the adult population.  Read the details.

This is clearly a tremendous resource, and to help manage, coordinate, and leverage the time and talents of  these volunteers, VisionLink will be releasing a new Volunteer Management module in its Community Operating System software this summer.  Designed in partnership with a number of customers, including design and funding support from the Coordinated Assistance Network, it's a powerful solution supporting both individual and groups of volunteers.

Let us know if we can help your community make a difference!

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

Award Winning Boulder

Our home base community of Boulder, Colorado was just named number four Best Cities for the Next Decade.  This is good news--the community continues to attract the rare combination of technical competence and social awareness that drives our Community Operating System software, CommunityOS.

The text from Kiplinger follows (authored by Marc A. Wojno, Senior Associate Editor)

Science meets scenery in our number-four pick for Best Cities for the Next Decade.

It’s a city of crunchy environmentalists, early adopters and entrepreneurs, meandering bike paths, public-transit buses named Dash, Stampede and Bolt, and restaurants powered by wind energy. You’ll find scores of art galleries, performing-arts venues, chic boutiques -- even a Tesla Motors electric-car dealership. Boulder is an intellectual hot spot where environmental and scientific ideas blossom into businesses.

Three economic drivers power Boulder: the University of Colorado, federal research laboratories and more than 6,600 small businesses and corporations, all woven into an entrepreneurial fabric. 

For example, Ball Aerospace, responsible for instrumentation and repairs for the Hubble Space Telescope, develops businesses with the university’s aerospace engineering sciences program and federally funded labs, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

Green Garage, a small auto-services shop that turns old cars into hybrids, works with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the university’s Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute.

Sun Microsystems, Xcel Energy and Siemens have set up offices to tap into this type of collaboration. IBM, which came to Boulder in 1965, recently opened a 110,000-square-foot, energy-efficient data center. And the plan is to add even more data-center space in Boulder, says James Butcher, manager of data center hardware planning at IBM, which recently added 500 jobs in the city.

The solar industry is also a major driver of Boulder’s economy. Namasté Solar, which installs solar systems atop houses and offices, is emblematic of Boulder’s newer, employee-owned small businesses, which have experienced a meteoric rise. “We’re just over five years old, and we’ve grown from three people to about 70,” says CEO Blake Jones.

But Boulder is more than just aerospace, data centers and solar panels. The city is a mecca for those seeking healthy, active lifestyles. Outdoors enthusiasts can grab a lunch-hour workout on the city’s 150 miles of hiking and biking trails located throughout the 45,000 acres of open-space land surrounding the city. This undeveloped land, purchased by the city over the past several decades, underscores Boulder’s commitment to preserving the environment.

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Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

Using Our Own Software Internally

I've always been interested in whether other software providers use their own software for their own purposes or deploy other tools.  Seems like this is a great line in the sand.

So, we decided to jump off that cliff and recently moved all of our own customer tracking and account management to our own Community Operating System.  While it is true that CommunityOS is designed for case management, volunteer coordination, referrals and so forth--and in many different sectors--we decided to deploy it for account management as well. It's a great test of the flexibility of the solution.

Pleased to report it is going well.  And from the CEO's perspective, one of the primary benefits (besides saving money and so forth), is that all members of VisionLink's staff are now consumers themselves of our core software solution, and thus we become our own additional source of bug identification or better yet, feature enhancement ideas.

If you run a software firm, I can't encourage you enough to try something similar.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO