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Why the Most Advanced Disaster Relief Software Saves You Time & Money


Visionlink announces new disaster relief and disaster operations modules, and now all listed on one page to share with your staff and stakeholders.

See the list now:

Saving Time and Money Like No Other

We license differently — once a user is licensed, they can use any module at any time.  You can launch new applications while paying no more in user licenses.

We can refine every solution in hours — not weeks, to match state or local regulations, mandates, and business processes.  No custom engineering.  It's a toolkit made to flex so you can work in the way that succeeds for you.

Multi-Agency, Multi-Event — from the get go. Visionlink's solutions are built from the ground up to support multiple events, partners, locations, at different stages, with different workflows. You can support multiple scenarios without adding cost.

Built by disaster experts — this matters when everything is going wrong and everyone is under duress. With the experience of tens of thousands of incidents and hundreds of large, named disaster operations, we've built solutions that are proven to work.

We support other languages simultaneously — and the system builds the other-language fields and forms from translations automatically.

We do data exchange like no other — with one-click import, export, and bulk update sheets, and an API Builder (not pre-set, fixed APIs). We save our customers at least $20,000 with every data exchange. Our customers can build their own endpoints, as but one example of the power of this API Builder.

Every module works the same—saving you tremendous training and support time.  Plus, we can train you to make your own changes in one solution, or across the entire platform. 

Disaster Technologies Solutions

Deploy one or as many solutions as you need. Or keep them on cost-saving standby.  Deploy at scale with unlimited records and users when you need.

   Damage Assessment
   Client Intake & Case Management
   Volunteer Coordination
   Goods & Services In-Kind Donations
   Shelter System Management
   Situational Awareness
   Repair & Rebuild Management
   Community Services & Referrals
   Reporting & Analytics

Pandemic Support

Complete with congregate and non-congregate care options for isolation and medical needs, and COVID-19 symptom and test tracking tools.

Comprehensive Options

With disaster recovery planning tools; shelter capacity planning; FEMA compliant reporting; coordinated care options; open, closed, and active referrals; bulk case management tools; integrated email, text, and telephony for contact centers and much more. Want to learn more? Email

Start at No Cost

If you'd like to learn about the service and support you can expect, and how our technology works, the Damage Assessment solution is available at no cost. Capture from the public their needs and impacts. Receive immediate intel on the scale and scope of the disaster to inform your decision making.

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