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FormBuilder 2.0

Tonight we begin a series of upgrades, which when combined create Form Builder 2.0. It's hard to imagine this module has come so far so fast. Thank you customers for your input!

Form Builder 2.0 includes business logic auditing (meaning that changes to the Forms themselves are now audited), extraordinary integration of our content management system and the Form Builder (can you say "flexible call scripting"?), and new navigation tools for use within a multi-tabbed form with many fields. But there is more!

Included in Form Builder 2.0 are government sharing controls, a whole new Presenting Needs tool for I&R and I&A specialists, an upgraded Client Export Wizard and sophisticated duplicate record merging tools as well. For Form Builder 2.0 we are also releasing new documentation, with all of the current 1.0 version features, along with 2.0 features in a single document for easier use.

Now your partnership can benefit from precisely the client intake forms you seek, as you need them, when you need them, and for who you want to deploy them.

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO