Giving Tuesday!

Yes, during a pandemic it's hard to take the time. But perhaps now is the best time. And if you're reading this after Tuesday--so what? Make a difference and give today.

To whom?  How about your local newspaper or faith-based organization, or a community service organization stretched to the max responding to COVID? Your alma mater is facing an uncertain fall semester, the community orchestra needs your help. A small business with a curbside pickup could use some support. Pick the thing that matters to you.

And it's true -- the dollars matter, but the number of contributions matters a lot--even it's only a few bucks because every donation demonstrates support. 

Visionlink's part? We are contributing solutions to states and VOAD agencies to support COVID relief. What we all do matters less than that we do something. Rage against the doomsayers, hold on to the belief--proven by our history time and time again--that when we pull together, we do amazing things together.

Stay well -- from all of us Visionlink.

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