Using Our Own Software Internally

I've always been interested in whether other software providers use their own software for their own purposes or deploy other tools. Seems like this is a great line in the sand.

We recently moved all of our customer tracking and account management to our very own Community Operating System. While it is true that CommunityOS is designed for case management, volunteer coordination, referrals, and so forth across many sectors, we have now deployed it for account management as well. It's a testament of the flexibility of the solution.

We are also pleased to report that it is going well. From the CEO's perspective, one of the primary benefits is that all members of Visionlink's staff are now consumers themselves of our core software solution, and thus we have become our own additional source of bug identification and feature enhancement ideas.

If you run a software firm, I can't encourage you enough to try something similar.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO