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Lori Warrens Joins VisionLink

We are pleased to announce that Lori Warrens recently joined VisionLink as Senior Director of Community Solutions and we could not be more thrilled! In this position, Lori will guide VisionLink’s international humanitarian efforts — an area of focus in her last position — as well as direct ongoing efforts to further develop industry-leading solutions for 2-1-1 and overall information and referral efforts.

Before becoming a VisionLinker, Lori was COO and CEO of the United Way of Atlanta where she developed the 2-1-1 concept and led the city's planning activities to ensure vulnerable citizens retained access to critical services during the 1996 Summer Olympics. She also served as Executive Director of AIRS, helping to develop the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN), an unprecedented alliance between the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way, AIRS and disaster response organizations to improve access to disaster services.

Most recently, Lori was immersed in solving international humanitarian issues as Executive Director of the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) where she helped organizations convene to improve coordination of some 4 billion dollars of medical donations per year to 150 countries.

Her experience, leadership, and go-getter mindset are sure to be a wonderful addition to our organization. Now that Lori has joined VisionLink, she will help VisionLink take the next leap as the leading I&R and 2-1-1 solution in the country while expanding our impact in other countries.

Please join us in welcoming Lori to the VisionLink family. You can reach her at or read more about her at

Doug Zimmerman
President & CEO