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Enhanced Searching for Public Access

We have released a completely redesigned interface for public access to community resources, assets, and services.  The interface offers a greatly simplified initial display for the public, with quick links to details and maps, and to an advanced searching module as well. For our system administrators, the new solution offers integrated resource editing directly from the search results.

The new mapping module is integrated as well, as is our new linguistically aware searching algorithms. As always, many thanks to our customers for their suggestions and recommendations.  We listened carefully.

As always, release documentation is available in the Customer Resource Center.


Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

New Public Search Module

Public users searching for resources, services and other community assets are about to enjoy a powerfully effective search algorithm, and a new interface as well.

Released to our customers for review, each of our customers can now review their own online resource directory with these new tools and provide feedback before we release this into production.

The search algorithm uses a linguistically aware solution, reducing words to their core roots.  This eliminates issues with plurals and other word forms and many types of spelling issues.  Behind the scenes each customer's resource directory is regularly indexed for responsive searches.

The new search results interface is easier to use, more friendly, and for authorized users, provides built in editing and other tools which automatically appear for those with appropriate access rights.

Thank You! To the many customers, particularly those in New York, California, and Texas for their suggestions and refinements to this new design.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO
VisionLink, Inc.