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New Co-Lo: Game Changer

Do you ever get the bug to travel? Well, about every three years around here we get the bug to complete a major technological overhaul. It's fun, it keeps us on our toes--but more importantly, we do this to ensure your success. You certainly don't want to trust your data to an outdated system.

So, it with great pleasure that I can let you know that we successfully completed our co-lo move. In keeping with VisionLink's DNA, as if this was not challenging enough, we also deployed a significantly more advanced server system architecture, and we added additional fall back capacity (should we experience a catastrophic failure.)

The best part of a move like this is that you, our customers, won't notice anything different. Or so we said. In fact, you will notice impressive performance gains.

Moreover, we gain the ability to add more capacity, more quickly and less expensively, as well. Overall, we just took a huge, major step forward deploying some of the most advanced technologies in the field. Why? Because we can be even more reliable. Even most cost efficient, and even more scalable.

Oh, and the cost to you? Nothing. Just like our other upgrades.

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

Read Only + Speed

We keep hearing that CommuntyOS (formerly Tapestry) is the fastest system out there. Well, it just got faster. Plus, more enhancements including a Read Only multi-agency function.

We have optimized our code base to improve the loading and reloading of various key pages, including the Client History, Contact History, Case History, Client Search and New Client Record pages.

Of course, your experience will depend on your browser, the computer you are using, and the speed of your Internet access. Regardless, you will however notice significant improvements in speed. And just wait until we upgrade our server systems (stay tuned.)

We also added an oft-requested feature: multi-agency Read Only fields in the Form Builder. So now you have them. Within a Form Set certain fields can be set to Read Only, while those same fields can be editable for those with proper permissions. This is particularly useful in a community partnership where some should be able to see certain information, while others need to work with that data directly.

Fire up those partnerships! (or inter-agency systems for that matter!)

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

Major HMIS Upgrade

As per federal guidelines from HUD, VisionLink is pleased to release major new HMIS enhancements.

We've been working hard these past several months to update our HMIS solution to comply with recently revised standards from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

We began this work while the new specifications were still in a public review period, but in this way we can deliver the new tools just as soon as possible to our customers.

The changes include many new data fields, changes to existing data fields, including rewording and additional answer choices, and data migration. In the event where an existing data field changed, data migrations were performed to insure that no previously collected data was lost and the integrity of the data remains.

Please visit the Upgrades & Releases section of our Customer Resource Center to download the release notes for the HMIS updates. We have also included a Word version of the release notes to assist in your creation of user training materials and update documentation.

As always, if you have questions about this or any other CommunityOS update, please feel free to contact your Account Manager at or the Help Desk at

We have more HMIS releases coming. Stay tuned. And thank you again everyone--we truly appreciate the hard work on everyone's part to help us implement these new standards quickly and efficiently.


Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO