Join Us! Southeast Regional Conference


Join us May 7-10, 2024, at the 2024 United Way Southeastern Regional Conference held at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. from May 7-10, 2024. 

The Southeast Regional Conference (SERC) has served as the United Way's premier regional learning opportunity for more than 60 years.  Engaging workshops, inspirational keynote speakers, and innovation knowledge exchange provide United Way leaders with multiple avenues for learning and networking.

Many of our customers - United Ways and 211s, provide direct services, support, and connections in local communities across the country.

Visionlink is built on the premise that technology can be used by people to give and get help, to connect assets to needs, and to build connections between organizations, volunteers, staff, and clients—during blue skies and grey. By doing so, we help organizations build resilient and successful service delivery systems. 

Visionlink's CommunityOS® platform runs powerfully and quietly in the background, offering the most advanced technologies for coordinated assistance, exchanging data, managing, vetting, updating, publishing community services, and integrating with call center systems. 

Our customers are helping millions of people, with many thousands of staff and volunteers working in every state of the Union every day. What's stopping you from joining the Visionlink network. As we often say, working together we all work better. 

At the conference? Come visit us in the Saturn 2 Ballroom!

We look forward to seeing you.