Visionlink New Feature: Search & Send

Visionlink's Community Operating System™️ latest feature enhancement allows your case managers, volunteer coordinators, contact specialists, navigators and others to send announcements and other updates directly from their Visionlink platform to large or small groups of users!  

Search for specific users, create the subject line, compose your content, review the draft and then send away! We deploy with email handling systems that can manage small or large numbers of deliveries.

This innovation has 'Preview' and 'Testing' tools built-in to check for errors to ensure that your ad-hoc message is well formed. You can also create templates to use again and again. Note, this enhancement does not take the place of your day to day email system, but it does offer the useful capacity to deliver specific communications to all or some of the clients you serve. 

No longer do you need to export lists of contacts and move them into another communication program. Do your work quickly and easily from your Visionlink platform. 

Another enhancement from your Visionlink Team, and thanks to the our customers in California and New Jersey for making it happen!