It's Aging Gracefully Month

It’s all about aging gracefully this month. How do we define “graceful,” you ask? We are so glad you asked. With the nation’s largest generation (~22% of the population), the Baby Boomers are turning 59 to 77 years old in 2023. Over 30 percent of baby boomers chose retirement during the COVID epidemic. There is an expectation that 75% of baby boomers will retire soon. 

Retire to what? Relaxation and regular vacations with the kids and grandkids? Staying at home because they no longer trust themselves to drive, waiting for the Meals On Wheels volunteer? Or are they moving in with their adult children and finding it hard not to be a bother? Whatever the retirement plans look like, two things are essential in all the scenarios: family and community.

This month, we will focus on how communities work to support this great generation. Visionlink’s CommunityOS® platform supports some truly amazing organizations that serve this population. Watch this space for examples of our work! If waiting is not your thing and you want to learn more about CommunityOS, set up a demo for your organization by emailing us at: or call 303-402-0170 x302.