Data Exchange For Coordinated Care Data Hubs

More and more our conversations are focused on Community Information Exchange Systems, Health Care Exchanges, Coordinated Care, Comprehensive Disaster Relief systems and similar opportunities to join efforts--and combine data--to leverage the work of many organizations for better outcomes. 

We've found this requires three components.  First, field, form, and workflow builders so that the core platform can validate, capture, and manage data useful to each partner and client. That the Visionlink platforms give customers direct capacity to change any and every component--makes this work quick and affordable.

Second, data exchanges need to manage source and ownership information, and multi-agency, multi-program, and client permissions, so that who owns the data, who can update it, who can share it, and how it is filtered and deployed for different events, programs, locations, agencies and more--can be efficiently managed and coordinated. 

Third, customers need to be able to build their own API connections. What is typically a $20,000 to $80,000 project to code Application Program Interfaces between different software systems, becomes something customers can do at no cost, or perhaps with a few thousand dollars of professional services assistance.  This radically changes the dynamics around data exchange.

The magic happens when these are combined--fields, forms and workflows, with data management, ownership and access controls, with API Builders. Then the limits are few, costs are controlled, change is easily managed, and the partner agencies can work together in real time.  

How magical? We posted a blog entry some time ago, as we crossed the threshold of exchanging more than 5 billion fields of data across various systems every month. Now we are moving billions of data fields every week. 

Let's talk about how we can help you become the hub.