Visionlink In The News: Real-Time Winter Storm Map

We are excited to share with you the local and national media coverage that Visionlink has recently received in response to winter storm Juno. In response to the potentially historic damage of this storm, Visionlink successfully created a unique geo-tagged map to chart--in real-time--the damage reports from those in the storm's path.

How does it work?

Using VisionLink's outbound telephony polling software, over 12,000 people throughout New York and New Jersey received automated calls enabling them to report on what the storm was doing to their homes and to their local communities in real-time.

But why?

VisionLink's goal is simple: provide the public, media outlets, and participating organizations with locally vetted information about the blizzard's impact for those living in the storm's path.

“Today’s technology allows us to gather information like never before and in this case, directly from those impacted by the storm to improve situational awareness, and promote whole-community recovery. This tool allows anyone in the country to track the impact of this major weather event.”
--Dr. Douglas Zimmerman, Visionlink President & CEO

We are very excited and proud to have been mentioned in various media outlets throughout the country. Here are a few of our favorites:
Digital Journal
Yahoo Finance
Herald Online