Major Code Release

We've had a busy weekend at Visionlink Headquarters! A significant amount of code was released for both immediate use and future releases to come.

Newly released features focus on the client intake and case management tools, an improved service tracking and referral tracking tool, a number of form builder tools to further enhance workflow flexibility, and more.

This new code also includes the completely rebuilt Homeless Management solution (phase one of two), a new outcomes tracking module, a newly enhanced volunteer module for the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN), new client assistance tools for the Red Cross and CAN, and a number of features for 2-1-1 users across the United States.

A thank you to the Development Team, the IT team, and the Quality Assurance team is more than well deserved. It is something I wish I could convey better through this blog--the impressive sight of the entire team working as one synchronized operation.

It is a wonderful challenge to build solutions that integrate seamlessly a wide variety of community solutions from disaster relief to mortgage assistance, from information and referral to elder care support services and much more, and to do so for customers who respond to so many thousands of requests each day.

By doing so, however, we help our customers provide more effective and coordinated services to their clients across their entire service area. This means they can reduce the cost of technology, leverage their resources more effectively, and improve client service all at once. Our customers are the thought leaders who are clearly re-defining the standards of community assistance, and we thank them again for their detailed suggestions and refinements.