Michael Brackney's Legacy

Family, friends, the American Red Cross, and the field of disaster relief lost an amazing man this past weekend.

As one of his colleagues said of him, "he was one of the most generous people in an organization known for its generosity."

From VisionLink's perspective, Michael was unusually able to transfer and communicate operational vision to guide our technical work in support of the Red Cross and disaster relief overall.  Whether creating large scale solutions during Hurricane Katrina, or day-to-day ideas that paved the way to more efficient and effective work, Michael's presence was constant, steady, tenacious and strong.  

I will remember him best as the behind the scenes architect of solutions that have and will help millions of people. We should all be so lucky to leave such a great legacy. Cheers to his life. 

Michael was a loving husband to Katherine Galifianakis, proud father to his sons Jake and Billy, doting grandfather to his grandson Dexter, and a great friend to all of us.  Michael passed away at Georgetown Hospital this past Monday morning.  Services are being held on Wednesday morning, Sept 7th.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President, CEO
VisionLink, Inc.