Social Media Data Mapping

Assisting the American Red Cross, Visionlink's Community Operating System is being used to deploy a real-time national map for this Winter Storm. The view includes FEMA boundaries, open disaster shelters, social media hashtags specific to the Winter Storm, and other relevant information. Users can view the entire region of the storm, or zoom into local areas.

The same CommunityOS solution can also register, track and provide case management for clients, capture, map and assess community resources (for day-to-day and disaster use), manage volunteers, and much more.

In the disaster realm, this solution is the same platform supporting the National Shelter System, Safe & Well, and the Coordinated Assistance Network. A new national website is being designed now for the National Voluntary Agencies Active in Disaster. VisionLink is a formal partner of NVOAD.

Let us hope we do not see too many large scale storms, but when the need arises, we are honored to support relief efforts nation wide and around the world.