United Way Greater Chattanooga Moves to Visionlink CommunityOS™

Visionlink is pleased to announce that we have begun supporting the United Way of Greater Chattanooga and their community services 211 call centers.  

For Chattanooga and surrounding areas, they provide support for approximately 90,000 calls a year and expect to eclipse the 100K mark. They see this as an integrated part of their United Ways support to the community. 

Here's what Mike Mudd, Director of 211 and Community Resources, has to say about the Visionlink experience, “We have been very happy with every aspect of our launch and very much appreciate the Visionlink team. Highly recommend.”

And Visionlink is proud to support their good work. You can learn more about them here.

Visionlink continues to offer the most advanced solutions for coordinated assistance; information exchange; managing, vetting, updating, and publishing community-facing services; social determinants; and the only API Builder in the market, now moving more than a billion fields of data between various technology platform systems every day.

We are humanitarians driven to build better connections for communities like yours,