FEMA's 2022 National Preparedness Report Findings

We’ve been reviewing the recently released National Preparedness Report from 2022 and a few sections really stand out. Have you seen the report? You can find it here: National Preparedness Report December 2022

Here is our take.

Starting on page 6, with the fact that weather-related disasters are clearly on the rise, it is now increasingly important that our government agencies continue to help fund and guide mitigation and resilience-building efforts.

Here at Visionlink, we’ve engaged across the disaster cycle for 25 years, connecting nonprofits and faith-based organizations, with the private sector, FEMA, and state and local governments--— all while protecting the privacy of disaster-impacted individuals and families. As a result, national capabilities supporting readiness, mass care, and individual assistance programs have significantly improved.

In support of the report findings, Visionlink provides real-world solutions for communities to improve their social and human service emergency management operations under both blue and gray skies. We’ve always been particularly focused on partnership-building solutions where different agencies can work in their own specific ways— yet in concert with other agencies for collaborative outcomes for clients.

Bolstered by Administrator Criswell’s introduction, “Private-public partnerships and increased information-sharing between these sectors remain pivotal to reducing risk to aging infrastructure systems and building resilience to all hazards,” Visionlink is at the ready with deployable solutions for tomorrow’s event. We are committed to continuing this capability-building practice and look forward to the year ahead to fostering whole-community resilience. 

Working together we all work better.