Join Us! ISEM Conference

Visionlink is proud to support this year’s International Association of Emergency Managers Annual Conference and EMEX this month in Savannah, Georgia!

We’ll be at booth #621 joining crisis professionals across the country to discuss the latest technological advances and disaster resiliency-building efforts, all “unmuted." Our focus? Demonstrating how “the many can serve as one,” across an advanced, secure, and proven technological platform for coordinated disaster care. 
Way back in 2005, Visionlink made a BIG bang by innovating with leading disaster relief agencies to create the first nationwide, multi-agency coordinated assistance platform. Visionlink, the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, NVOAD, and seven other prominent faith-based agencies created the first version of CAN, the Coordinated Assistance Network. 
For the first time, digital collaboration for disaster-impacted clients was possible. No longer would survivors need to retell their story multiple times to different agencies. Plus, the platform reduced duplicate data entry, and mitigated fraud. More than 500 agencies were supported on the Visionlink platform, serving clients in every state of the Union during its first deployment: Hurricane Katrina. The platform became known as the "one national system that did not fail."

For nearly 20 years, Visionlink's Community Operating System® or, CommunityOS™, has been at the core of major humanitarian aid efforts across more than 300 relief and recovery events in the US and its territories. Deployed for a long time as CAN, now as DART (with NVOAD), and other white label brands, and available directly from Visionlink, the platform is now many generations past those initial solutions.

Thanks to the design assistance of so many relief agencies and partners, CommunityOS continuously evolves, improving constantly, remaining the most advanced and comprehensive platform available.

We are honored to support the work of disaster relief professionals.