Celebrating National Disability Independence Day


In honor of National Disability Independence Day, Visionlink commemorates the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and celebrates the structural changes across the US since July 1990 and the assistive digital technologies that we've embraced.

We're partnered with the World Institute on Disability to help evacuate individuals with disabilities from Ukraine--and more generally, to move the Visionlink platform from assistive compliance, to actually well-designed usability. 

As we support whole-of-community approaches under both blue skies and gray, we are building solutions that are not only supportive of public users, but for staff users as well. Learning from WID, we do this so our systems can be used by disability-led organizations, not only those who support disabled clients.

To learn more, check out Why Digital Accessibility Should Matter to You - by World Institute on Disability freelance writer Lucy Sirianni. She shares great insights that can help you keep your systems adaptable, interaction-friendly, and accessible. Together we celebrate truly inclusive solutions.

Let's go change another part of the world for good.

Your Visionlink Team