It's National 211 Day!

Today, on this second month, and the 11th day of 2022, 211s across our nation are recognized for the work they do.  A simple three digit code lets anyone access a wealth of comprehensive, vetted, and regularly updated information to help those in need, and to help advocates and agencies who focus on helping others.

Whether they are communicating by phone, text, or chat, or through public facing directories of resources and services, or through translators and assistive devices, these specialists perfect the art of listening well, understanding the expressed needs and the needs that may not be so easily apparent. They work to convey information about the services and resources most useful to everyone who reaches out, and they lend a listening ear or responsive text when it is most needed.

And to the resource managers—those of you who make sure the data is up to date and well organized, categorized and ready for use—a special call out to you and your work. 211’s represent the most comprehensive, accurate, and regularly updated source of community service information anywhere. Thank you!

And more—many of these 211s serve as the first point of contact during disasters, offer specialized screenings for the homeless, kinship care programs, senior citizen inquiries, and special programs that connect with addiction recovery, workforce needs, early childhood assistance, veterans assistance, crisis hotlines and so much more.  

211s are at the heart of coordinated care systems and for webs of community organizations working together to create exchanges of information to better serve clients-in-common. It’s the future of efficient and effective care.

And their analytics? Decision makers can use information about met and unmet needs to better understand their communities, states, and regions--and so much more.

We are proud to offer the most advanced technology for information and referral. It's an honor to support the work of these amazing people, weaving the fabric of care across their communities. It's why we call our software the Community Operating System™ for successful communities.

If you want to know more, ask for this guide about our 211 solution. The solution is pre-built and completely configurable because no two communities are the same. Email us at

—Your Visionlink Team