Responding to Quad State Tornadoes

Like many of you, we watched with great sadness as the tornadoes wrecked havoc over the weekend across the Midwest. These unprecedented storms seem to becoming more and more common.

Emergency Siren
Visionlink works closely with many of the organizations that respond to these events, both now in the early days, and over the months and years to come as communities navigate their recovery. 

This has been a core part of our company for many years and through many disasters. While we wish disasters would never happen, at least we have tools and systems that are proven and ready to assist.

We have already had conversations with our impacted customers and with some of the impacted communities. We will stand with them as they organize their response — whether that be through our Damage Assessment or Shelter Management tools, Volunteer systems, or Donations systems.

In the weeks and months to come, we will be there to support the recovery as well with our tried and true Disaster Case Management platform, and the integrated Repair and Construction module. 

What can you do? The single most helpful thing you can do for organizations that respond to disasters is to provide financial support. As we have learned through helping our customers design their donations management platforms, donations take up valuable community time and energy to coordinate. Unsolicited donations can simply overwhelm a community that is already reeling with the impact. Right now, funds are keenly needed. 

You can also volunteer--but be sure to work through an established agency, get trained and ready, and please do not show up to help without specific requests to do so. 

We stand with the devastated communities--now and over time as they morn their lost, and rebuild the fabric of their communities.