Marshall Fire: Boulder County

Marshall Fire, Photo by Douglas Zimmerman

We are so saddened by the devastation across Boulder County--and we thank so many of you who have checked in with us. Some 600+ homes and 6,000 acres are expected to be lost as winds, drought, and flames breached the grasslands / suburban boundary yesterday afternoon in the eastern part of our county.

We are of course reaching out to local authorities to offer support. Today, as with the first day after any other disaster, people are in shock. Over the weeks and months ahead, the person-to-person connections will define the success of Boulder County's recovery. Good people always step forward when disasters strike.

Thankfully, our staff in the Denver-Boulder area are safe, although we fear a past senior staffer may have lost his home. We stand with our neighbors in their time of loss.

Update: pleased to report that our systems have collected information from more than 2,100 interested volunteers in the last two days.  Good people working together.

Update: Unfortunately, the damages are higher than initially estimated: 1,084 residential structures destroyed and 48 damaged. 

To date we have collected information from more than 4,000 willing volunteers, and the NVOAD has activated the DART platform (Disaster Agency Response Technology, deployed by Visionlink for NVOAD) to help coordinate recovery.