Multi Language & Localization to the Next Level

Approximately 14% to 15% of adults in the U.S. and Canada speak something other than English or French at home.
 With that in mind, it is only right that we provide sophisticated language and localization tools to support all the people in a community. 

Web Sites 

Deploy in one or multiple languages. Do this with real-time, machine-based, or human translated content. Create content in different languages, or let the user select a language once they arrive.

Data Entry, Query and Result Options

Visitors, volunteers, and staff can use forms and tools deployed in different languages and dialects. Languages can be determined by role or permission, or the user can switch between languages from a form or module, or the user can see more than one language on the same tool at the same time. 

The Magic

The CommunityOS™ platform offers the extraordinary ability to build entire sets of data entry and search tools, as examples, from translated content--automatically. Start with a form in English, create the translations, and the system builds the forms in one or many other languages for you.

Translation Options

We support real-time browser-based translation, machine-based translation, and human translated content, forms, and tools. One or all of these can be used on the same Visionlink platform simultaneously. 

Database Level Support

Depending on the use case, systems can use different database fields for different languages, or the same field for different languages, or a mix--as if often the most appropriate approach. With the Advanced Package, customers have direct access to SQL data field creation, so fields in different languages can be deployed, named, and managed appropriately. 

Multi-Lingual APIs

Because language support can be constructed from the data table up, and because the system is built on the international character set, API data exchanges and our API Builder provide support for multi-lingual content. Authorized users can combine languages within a single API endpoint, or restrict a data exchange to a specific language. 

So join us on the CommunityOS platform from Visionlink! Let's embrace the diversity of language that defines our communities.