5 Billion Data Field Exchanges A Month

What have we learned?

Moving so many fields of data every month has taught us a few things. The first is that the structure of your data matters a great deal, particularly if you need data exchanges to be quick and inexpensive. To do that--one needs to structure the data correctly in the first place.

Dry topic? Sorry. Here is a fun animation to m
ake it more interesting. Caution: the music starts up in scene three, and you'll be humming the tune later today. It's less than three minutes long. Check it out here: https://support.communityos.org/vl-video

More detail on Data Points

We track the traffic across our APIs by "data points" which is simply one data field exchanged one time. If a record with 50 fields on it is called 100 times, that would be 5,000 data points.

The amount of transferred data also depends on the amount of data in the fields that are exchanged or queried. Some fields may only have a few characters or a simple "yes" or "no." Other fields could have more lengthy eligibility information, and others could store tens of thousands of characters as in a time and date stamped notes field. However, to keep it simple, we ignore the contents of a field and then count how many times it is used in an exchange.

Our API Builder makes this easier as well--as this turns forms into API endpoints with a few clicks.  If we can help you become the hub for information in your area, let us know!