New Form Builder Features to Match Staff Needs

We have released new features to help support call operations, client intake, tracking, and case management. Both of these new features described below are part of the Form Builder module in VisionLink's Community Operating System, or CommunityOS. This module is used to arrange the fields, tabs, conditions, navigation, and workflow useful to every organization managing client and call information.

The first is an inline fields tool. With this addition, call and client forms can be designed not only with one of several templates and pre-set vertical and horizontal layouts, specific data fields can be aligned in the same horizontal line. It sounds like a small thing, but it helps use the screen real estate in the most efficient way possible, now allowing both vertical and horizontal field arrangements, in one or more sections as you need. Part of the Form Builder Wizard, it is easy to configure and deploy without any programming.

The second is a configurable Client Summary which now lets our customers configure summaries of client information to display across the top of the caller, client, and case management form sets (such as name, address, etc.) This summary information can also be formatted to match the look and feel of the customer's web site to keep the look and feel aligned. Now what we think should be summarized is not such a constraint.

Current customers can find the details about these and other recent releases in the Customer Resource Center (CRC).

For our homeless management (HMIS) work, we have been making many more, and more substantive enhancements to the Form Builder. Stay tuned!

Best regards,
Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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