Safe & Well in Troubled Times

National Public Radio broadcast one of those riveting stories they do so well, in part from a disaster shelter where the Safe and Well system was being used to reconnect friends and family.  With more than 100 tornados across the nation these past few days, there are many people looking to find news about their loved ones.  It's a short 4 minute story, listen here.

We are proud to deploy the Safe & Well solution for the American Red Cross, and to have supported rapidly increasing levels of traffic during these tragic storms.   Safe and Well is importantly different from other lost person registries in that basic information is required to search for news about a friend or a relative.  In this way individuals and families can reconnect with one another, while not releasing private information to the curious.  It is a good blend of easy to use, useful, and respectfully private.

If you need to register or search for someone, go to Safe and Well.  If you are using a mobile phone, the site will automatically direct you to our mobile site.

Disaster Sheltering, Basement of the Hyatt
And in a surreal connection to the storms around us, while at the annual conference of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, we found ourselves in the disaster shelter of the hotel as a tornado warning activated for Kansas City.