Coordinated Assistance Network Growing Quickly

Compliments to the steering committee, staff, partners, and 1,300 affiliated agencies and organizations of the national Coordinated Assistance Network.  In the map below, you will see the number of disasters, by state, to which the partners of CAN provided coordinated relief during the last two years.

It's an honor to support this work--the world's largest multi-agency, multi-jurisdiction partnership. 

Next month we launch an entirely redesigned infrastructure to support this work. When CAN began, as a way for nonprofit and charitable organizations to work together more collaboratively, we doubt anyone expected this kind of growth, or this kind of rapid acceptance of the coordinated relief model.  The new infrastructure deploys regional portals across the nation, with state and disaster specific resources.  The communication model supports nation-wide content dissemination, as as well as state, region, and disaster specific content.

It makes sense though. The disaster survivor is served much more effectively, donor contributions are leveraged more efficiently, and fraud becomes much more difficult. 

Well done is all we can say to the many leaders and organizations that have been able to work together so powerfully, and to the American Red Cross, the primary funder.