2014 MedSurplus Alliance Conference

On November 3rd and 4th, more than thirty representatives of Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSROs), donors of surplus medical equipment and consumables, and academics met to explore the challenges and benefits that building a working alliance may have for individual organizations, donors, recipients, and the field of medical surplus recovery over all.   Our mission?  Stop the flow of useless and inappropriate medical supplies that are donated to developing countries where they become a burden and cause more harm than healing. 

Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSROs) are non-profits that collect quality medical donations from hospitals and manufacturers to distribute to healthcare providers in developing countries. MSROs are fueled by generous donors, skilled staff and devoted volunteers working hard to provide hope and resources to underserved populations during times of medical need.  The conference participants ship nearly 1000 40 ft. containers each year.  Their work benefits people and the planet by redistributing existing resources to people and places that need them. 

The MedSurplus Alliance was formed to support MSRO operations and to change the hearts and minds of donors regarding what can and should be donated.  It’s a tough challenge, we know!  However, in ‘The Answer to How is Yes:  Acting on What Matters”, Peter Block asserts that when we are driven by clear and powerful purpose, we find ways around the obstacles that arise. VisonLink also believes that we’re better together than working alone.  The MedSurplus Alliance is committed to focusing on its mission and serving its stakeholders while honoring the different strengths, operational realities, and approaches among them.

Would you like to learn more or join us?  Please visit www.medsurplusalliance.org to read the MSRO Code of Conduct and learn about the coming MSRO Accreditation program.  
Please share your ideas or suggestions to strengthen the conversation!

Lori Warrens
Senior Director of Community Solutions

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