International Red Cross Support in Haiti

VisionLink is pleased to announce that we have been (for several weeks already), supporting the work of the American and International Red Cross in Haiti.

We were able to deploy a large scale solution to capture and manage information about the needs of individuals and households in Haiti.   Given that much of this is quietly unfolding, we'll be quiet about the details here on the blog.  I am particularly proud however, that our development team was able to launch a system of this scale in only four days from receipt of the task order.  While the technology launched quickly, the real human needs will continue for years.

A number of Red Cross staff members have just returned from Haiti and I have no doubt they will have enhancements and workflow requests to fine tune the system.  In an area with such need, and where the management and coordination of relief is so critical to long-term success, we are honored to be able to deploy CommunityOS.  Or put another way, the many clients, customers, and users of CommunityOS deserve the thanks--their ideas and insights have built a solution which is both highly flexible and yet specifically useful.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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