25 Major Releases, 50 Feature Enhancements

We just completed a review of 2009 and are pleased (and a bit amazed) to report that we completed approximately 25 major releases last year, along with more than 50 feature enhancements.   Some of these were customer specific and many were released to the entire customer base.   It is this pace of amazing improvement that allows us to create community-wide solutions, and provide sector-specific solutions (e.g., elder care, HMIS, 2-1-1) simultaneously.

This pace of development is a testament to great feedback from customers, a brilliant and tenacious staff, and also to our SCRUM development methodology.  Organized into 10 day sprints, our development staff has been working this way for more than two years now, and our effectiveness and efficiency simply continues to improve.

For our customers it means that we are more predictable in our delivery schedule, and also that we can be even more responsive when timely opportunities arise, or when disasters strike.  As a CEO I've learned not to interrupt the current Sprint, yet, in return we gain significant improvements in our pace, quality, and flexibility.

The best part? We have a number of customers who have adopted many of the core aspects of the SCRUM (part of the Agile methodology) for their own work day-to-day.  It turns out to be a great way to prioritize weekly and monthly tasks in more general ways as well.  If you would like to learn more about SCRUM, go here.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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