Needs & Offers for Haitian Relief

VisionLink has launched a web-based Needs & Offers management solution for PQMD, the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations, to help with their relief efforts in Haiti.

PQMD helps to coordinate the work of pharmascetical firms and nonprofit partners around the world who provide more than $4 billion dollars in medical equipment, medicines, and other related contributions to more than 150 nations around the world every year.

As the earthquake struck Haiti, members of the partnership have been quick to respond--a response which has been complicated by the lack of basic infrastructure in Haiti.  The bottlenecks at the airport, the main port, and the state of the roadways have all added to the challenge.

At the request of PQMD, VisionLink quickly developed a solution to capture information about Needs and information about donor Offers, and the tools to connect them.   While this is not the full Gifts in Kind solution we are building as a major component of our Community Operating System, it's a great example of how our flexible architecture supports rapidly deployed, customized solutions.  And given the diverse and ongoing needs in Haiti, it is simply an honor to be a part of the solution. 

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO
VisionLink, Inc.

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