National Breakthrough Network

Membership by application, and approved by the members themselves (not by us here at VisionLink), the National Breakthrough Network is an extraordinary group of thought leaders improving practice across the nation.

The National Breakthrough Network, launched in 2007, is built on the straightforward premise that results are more powerful when stakeholders commit time and resources to work together.

The goal of the National Breakthrough Network is to increase the capacity of service delivery through collaborative data exchange across the country, one community at a time. The measures of success for the Breakthrough Network are:

* Engaged partners
* Coordinated data and services
* Maximized resources
* Measurable impacts
* Clients well-served

The objectives of this initiative are to work from both ends of the spectrum, on the ground at the local level, and as the convener of a national network of leaders.

The National Breakthrough Network is convened and facilitated by VisionLink where practitioners learn from and teach one another. The result: more effective practices of service delivery within each participating partnership, and, a national voice of service providers working on common issues..

Network members define the agenda, the content, and the voice. VisionLink provides the intersection of thought and practice through virtual and face-to-face meetings.

The Breakthrough communities benefit by deepening their knowledge and expertise, interacting with peers from across the country to learn strategies and effective practices, helping each other solve problems, and gaining a place to feel connected rather than isolated in silos where the wheels are constantly re-invented.

If you are a VisionLink customer and want to join, please contact us and we'll send an application to you.

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