Geographic Redundancy

Going the extra mile: offering geographic redundancy for our customers and their data.

No one expects a catastrophic failure, but if that should happen we provide that extra level of support to our customers with geographically separated server facilities. Thus, should something happen to our primary facility that causes a system-wide failure, we can fall back to our secondary facility.

It would take a lot for our primary facility to fail, as it is equipment with redundant equipment at all levels of network and server operations, and with power and cooling redundancy as well. Heck, there are solar panels on the roof in addition to everything else.

Further, we own and operate the equipment in both locations, so we'll not be blaming some other vendor if our operation is not humming along, and we are not relying on some other vendor to be as careful with our customer's data as we are.

We do this at no small expense. It takes a sophisticated staff and well designed operation to offer this level of support at price points that our non profit and charitable customers can afford.

If you are looking for mission critical services, ask your providers about their preparations for catastrophic failure, and to what degree they rely on other vendors to support your work. It's important to know before you need it.

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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