We are releasing a new Annual Homeless Assessment Report, aligned with the new Homeless Management requirements from HUD.

More than 800 calculated fields show what technology can do--it's a tremendous time saver. More than the numbers of fields and pre-formatted tables, it is also designed to help data quality managers when it matters most--when these annual reports have to run and run well, by offering data editing from withing the report itself.

VisionLink's AHAR report includes the ability for (properly authorized) report specialists to edit and correct individual data records that make up the report and its many tables. Each data point allows the user to click down into the records that sum up into the report, and if data errors become appear the correction is literally a click away.

We consider the AHAR, focused obviously on HMIS reporting, one of a series of specialized report among more than seven levels of reporting tools in VisionLink's Community Operating System (CommunityOS).

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