Contracts & Revenue

In this economy, generating revenue to support your organization's mission is job one. As a VisionLink customer you don't have to force a solution, rather you can demonstrate complete readiness to take on that new contract and gain the revenue when you need it most.

It's all built in. Launch a new portal and create the web site, navigation, permissions, content, file libraries, intake forms, resource directories, and simple and advanced reports that are specifically appropriate to that new contract.

Or, if the contract is similar to your existing work, then you can make only minimal changes, and build on everything else you have already done.

You can also support these new contracts completely privately, or collaboratively with other initiatives already in progress, all from your main VisionLink solution. The choice is yours, and no programming is required.

The point: you can explicitly and specifically manage the workflow and capture the information required of the new contract. Even better--you can mock up these tools as part of the proposal to win the contract. You can prove your capacities, as others using less capable software cannot.

And if we can help, contact your account manager for assistance. We have implementation coaches ready to support you with anything from a strategic discussion to a comprehensive contract support package for that new contract.

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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