2-1-1 Legislation

Major initiatives require funding--and 2-1-1 is no different. Help the campaign to fund 2-1-1 nationally.

Right now, thanks to work from AIRS and the United Way of America, significant progress is being made collecting co-sponsors for legislation to fund 2-1-1 across America.

In the US House, the legislation is H.R.211, and in the US Senate, it goes by S.211. It's important that you and others contact your representatives and senators and ask for their support.

It seems to me that investing in systems that improve the public's access to existing resources is a good thing for our economy, now and as it improves.

VisionLink's Washington DC staff are doing their part as well--on behalf of all of our customers to work with key legislators to endorse and move this forward. Join the campaign! (And of course you don't have time for this--but think of how much time 2-1-1 funding would save you!)

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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