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Custom Search Forms

Building on the Form Builder (not sure my English teacher would like that intro), we are releasing an even easier tool to customize your own search screens.

Even better--different Form Sets can have their own search screens to make sure that each group or partner, or each staff group using a particular Form Set can use the Search Screen that best meets their particular needs.

And to make it all even faster, you will notice a new panel to the left that gives you direct access to the last 10 client records you worked with.

There are a few other fine points designed to assist you, but you'll need to check them out to see for yourself. I'm not giving it all away on line here.

Think about how this kind of flexibility works to engage partners. Most folks are used to software that forces them to adapt to the tool, not the other way around. With VisionLink technology you can respond easily to the distinct and different needs of each partner, and yet working together you can all save money on the same technology platform.

Design at will!

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

Conditional Triggers

Another major release for VisionLink customers. This upgrade to Form Builder comes in two flavors: an eligibility builder, or a more simplified conditional trigger tool; both react to the data you enter, as you enter it.

Even though you can share data between agencies, and even though every partner organization can have its own client intake forms--you asked for more. So we are releasing a conditional trigger module that lets you establish one or more criteria for a field, and one or more fields in a conditional data set, so that you can cause all sorts of things to happen based on the data entered into a client entry form.

Launch on-screen reminders, web links, call scripts, warnings--or even entirely new tabs and new fields based on data that is entered into a single field, or which matches criteria across multiple fields.

And thanks to the multi-agency nature of the Form Builder and Portals through which they are deployed, different partner organizations can establish different triggers as best fits their needs.

This is particularly ideal if your organization needs to attend to specific contractual data collection needs, or to test for eligibility for special programs. Sure, you'll train your staff, but now the technology can be an automatic reminder, enhancing service and quality.

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO