A Story From the Team

Our help desk team works around the clock to ensure that our customers have the support they need. We love to hear about moments from our incredible help desk team that remind us of how proud we are to work with such great folks. Here's one story from a recent call:

"Hi Everyone,

As you know, in Help Desk we tend to talk to people who are frustrated, confused, or experiencing some sort of issue. Once in a while we get to see the other side, so we decided to share this story with the whole team.

A very nice woman called this morning about her dossier submission. She was having trouble accessing her scores and was clearly very nervous as I guided her to the correct page. She told me that she was doing this in front of her class and that her boss had just walked in.

When she finally found the page with access to her scores, she saw that she had passed! She told her students and cheers erupted from the whole class. Needless to say, she was very happy. It was a very nice moment to be a part of, and one of those few concrete reminders we get of the ways we help our customers.

VisionLink Help Desk

Moments like these remind us of why we work so hard to support so many valuable nonprofits and human service organizations. We hope this pause for celebration sparks a smile for you as it did for us.

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