Telling your Nonprofit's Story through Video

Last night, a couple of us from the VisionLink team attended another wonderfully informative Tech4Good forum on the power and execution of video storytelling. After watching a few short, low budget videos, it became clear just how effective (and inexpensive) film could be when it comes to spreading your nonprofit's story and mission. If your organization is thinking that it may be time to pick up a camera and create one of these videos yourself, here are a few tips we learned from last night's panel of experts:
  • Define your goals and strategy
    • Raise awareness
    • Share your mission
    • Thank/acknowledge supporters
    • Adopt new donors
  • Plan ahead and think about the end product
    • Who will be seeing this (sponsors, donors, volunteers)?
    • Where will it be played (on a big screen, online, website)? 
    • When is the due date and how long will it take to create?
  • You don't need to break your bank account
    • Can film the video in-house
    • No camera? Consider an audio slideshow
    • Can even use an iPhone camera
    • Ask corporate partners to donate/lend equipment
    • Reach out and ask for free/cheap help from experts and students.
  • There are many helpful (and cheap) tools & resources
    • iMovie - free on your mac
    • Pinnacle studio - $100 for PC users
    • Powerpoint - make powerful text and/or photo videos
    • Soundslides - creates audio slideshows
    • ReverbNation - find bands who may create music for you
    • Wistia - add share buttons and track online videos
  • Bring IT into the picture before the video begins
    • Be aware what file format you need. It is different for different mediums.
    • Think about size of final screen. Online video screen size is different than a big screen.
    • Know how much data storage you need. Raw footage takes up a ton of space.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway revealed last night is to plan ahead. Making a video is a lot more complex and time consuming than you expect. Be sure you set a clear timeline and creative plan so your video is completed how you want it by when you need it!

Until next time folks!

Georgina Douglas
Marketing Associate

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