On-Site Visit: United Way of Denver 2-1-1

With special thanks to our host Fermin Avila at the United Way of Denver, we enjoyed a wonderful on-site visit with the staff of the United Way 2-1-1 Call Center today.

While we have done this before, this was the first time we have visited their call center as an entire staff. It is so useful to listen to and talk with the 2-1-1 staff about their use of the VisionLink CommunityOS platform in this real-time environment.

We released some new features recently, and are currently working on some new searching enhancements, so being able to have the 2-1-1 call specialists talk with our developers, help desk staff, Q&A testing staff and others, helps to instill in everyone a better understanding of what works well and what does not, and for whom.  

It is clear from the calls coming into the center that this is important and often stressful work. We greatly respect the call specialists' ability to guide callers to appropriate resources while responding to the very human needs of people caught in a particularly tough crisis or situation. We also gained a better appreciation for how a few tweaks would help the visually impaired staff members (who use two of the assistive software packages supported by CommunityOS) work more efficiently. We have great details with which we will follow up.

Thank you Denver United Way and Colorado 2-1-1! As we say, but today you really brought it home: it is an honor to support the work you do.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO
VisionLink, Inc.

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