AIRS Conference: NextGen 2.11

With a reception tonight, we roll out an important discussion with our 2-1-1 colleagues, "NextGen2.11," the intentional work to move 2-1-1 operations into the center of community-wide information and referral (not only for those in need or crisis - but for all looking for community-based services), and to bring to the 2-1-1 community a series of revenue generating, and operations-sustaining opportunities.

The first such opportunity builds on the massive scale and scope of healthcare, and the numbers of consumers in that marketplace.

VisionLink is fortunate to have been selected by WorldDoc and Jamajic as the 2-1-1 platform most able to address the healthcare opportunities that are at the heart of their work.  Jamajic (a new definition of what WorldDoc had already started), is focused on community health, balanced living, crisis relief, and more -- the entire spectrum of healthy communities, and they are building a powerful platform and an app environment to engage consumers in that market.

For those 2-1-1s willing to take on the future, opportunities to discuss and explore this opportunity begin tonight.  Find our staff at the VisionLink booth in the exhibitors hall to learn more, and to learn the time and place of the reception this evening.  We might say it another way, too -- the future is not a choice, to engage or not, is.

Ever onwards!
Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO
VisionLink, Inc.

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