Texas 2-1-1 Moves Forward!

The good folks who make 2-1-1 Texas work every day and for every community are to be commended for their progress towards an efficient and effective statewide solution.  The first group of five Area Information Centers went online on March 1st, another set on April 1st (Yes-we survived the Fools Day Jokes), and another set will go online next week, as we greet the month of May.

All 25 Area Information Centers will be online later this summer as we bring on approximately 5 new centers every month. Kudos to the data conversion efforts by the technical team at VisionLink, and thanks to the resource managers at each AIC. Moving data from 25 separate systems into one is going quite well.

We are also working on several features and enhancements so that call operators used to different software systems can use workflows and tools similar to their prior experience. In addition, we are beginning to deploy the Portal architecture of CommunityOS to meet both the similar and the different needs of each region across the state. Portals provide the opportunity to support different initiatives in different communities, alongside their common 2-1-1 work, yet all on one cost-effective platform.

We are doing all of this while Texas 2-1-1 remains online and working in real-time. In fact, the 2-1-1 specialists across the state respond to nearly 3,000,000 calls each year!  

Again, well done Texas! A software conversion like this has never been done before at this scale for 2-1-1.  Your tenacity and talent is paying off well, and the people of Texas will benefit.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO
VisionLink, Inc. 

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