TAACCCT Grantee Focus Group / Reception

On behalf of TAConnecT, VisionLink's Lois Ann Porter conducted a focus group at the AACC (American Association of Community Colleges) Convention: Igniting Innovation, and hosted a well attended networking reception.

TAConnecT is a source of neutral information relevant to a major, nation-wide federal program designed to improve community college education. At the core, this initiative is about shifting a community college system that successfully provides open access to further education, to one that is even more aligned with the needs of the labor market, and the courses and credentials that lead to good jobs and careers in this increasingly global economy.

The focus group provided great insight that will help us design the most effective online tools for TAConnecT, and the most useful content from the perspective of community college stakeholders. We really appreciate the input from community college leaders from Ohio, Alabama, and Illinois--and we look forward to implementing their suggestions.

TAConnectT also hosted a networking reception for a wide range of leaders in this work. More than 60 people attended with representatives from organizations such as AACC, Achieving the Dream, Corporate Voices for Working Families, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Collaboratory, PPM Associates, H2P Consortium, Honeywell, the Partnership Contingency from Denmark, and a great range of community colleges and post-secondary institutions.

For more information about TAConnect, follow the link, or go to taconnect.org. For more information about other partnership building programs deployed through VisionLink's products and services, see our main web site, or email solutions@visionlink.org.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO
VisionLink, Inc.

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