Resource Helper Tool - Truly Useful Data Management

We are launching the first Community of Practice session of the New Year, this Thursday.  Community of Practice sessions focus on Design, Strategy, and Features providing important communication and feedback loops between us and the customers we serve.

Thursday's session will focus on our Resource Helper Tool, being released system wide soon.  We have deployed the system to a few customers for real-world feedback and are incorporating their feedback now.

The Resource Helper Tool provides off-line data management features for Agency, Program and Service Profiles, along with the ability to upload and download bulk data sets, conduct batch editing with nothing but a spreadsheet, and much more.  It also makes expansion easier, as our customers can bring in new partner agencies and incorporate their data at little or no cost.

This Resource Helper Tool is part of a suite tools from VisionLink, including similar tools for client data and shelter data that make it easier and more effective for our customers to do their work.

It's all part of a pattern...the basic tools have to be in place, but beyond that, moving data seamlessly and effortlessly is becoming more and more critical.

I'll be leading the session--join us!

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO
VisionLink, Inc.

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