New Search Features

In time for the busy holiday season, VisionLink has released new Community Resource Directory searching tools.  While the details are available in the Customer Resource Center, the release includes the following:

Quoted Search Phrases--with simple quotation marks authorized users can search for specific phrases or sentences, and can include such quoted text with non-quoted text for even more effective searching.  The quoted search tools operate alongside the linguistically aware tools, stripping out, for example, plurals from the search terms.

Search Results Sorting--we have also enhanced the choices authorized users have to control the view of search results.  These include the ability to sort results by frequency and rank.  See the documentation for  details.

We have also moved the linguistically aware searching tools into the Taxonomy Search toolset.

Happy Holidays!  May your searches be quick, and the help you provide be quick, effective and personalized!

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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