New Customer: Complete College America

We are very pleased to announce another new customer among the VisionLink network, Complete College America.

Funded by Gates, Ford, Carnegie, Kellog and the Lumina Foundations, this is a nation wide initiative building voice and capacity to increase college completion rates, with a state by state strategy.

The president of the National Governor's Association has adopted this as a primary issue for the NGA, and in a very short time, this alliance has grown to more than 25 member states.

Our Strategic Advantage team, led by Lois Ann Porter, will be assisting with planning, materials, and implementation for their very first Academy to be held in Denver, this coming October.  Participants at the Academy will be representatives from governor's offices, state boards of education, colleges, universities, etc.  There will be a Spring Academy for additional states, and the longer term plan is for the states to each host their own Academies.

We endorse this focused effort on college completion rates.  In an economy this rough, the skills or our workforce have fundamental consequences for our communities and our nation.  We cannot spend our way out of these deficits; we can, however, earn our way out with a productive and talented workforce.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO
VisionLink, Inc.

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