Keeping Costs Down: The Moral Imperative

"Our hearts drive the mission, the bank account drives the scope," so said one of the presenters at the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) conference this morning.  We could not have said it better.

Those of us who provide technology to the non profit, charitable, and faith-based sectors have a moral obligation to keep the costs of technology as low as possible.  The technology is a tool, it is a mean towards collaboration, it can mitigate fraud, and more--but it is not unlike fundraising:  if the administrative costs are too high, it weakens the overall cause.

We have deployed as a SaaS provider for many years, and this allows us to reduce costs tremendously.  So to does our practice of distributing at no charge upgrades paid by any one customer to all of our other customers. Working together everyone works better, and our customers appreciate this.

We also focus on highly advanced server systems which help us reduce costs, and we shy away from many of the "fads" of the technical moment to be sure the cost is actually of merit and is effective.

Overall, however, the greatest gain by the users of our Community Operating System software, is the efficiencies they gain by having multiple sectors within any one community or state share a common technology, a common resource directory, and a collection of unified (but customized) client management tools.  The cost savings are huge, the improvements in client services are amazing.  Let's keep driving costs down so that the bank account does not need to limit the mission.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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