Census Bureau Data Displays

Have you returned your Census Bureau form?  Using this year of the Census as a kick off, we are pleased to integrate US Census Bureau data into our mapping layer.  This is the same module that allows our customers to display the locations of their clients (or sub-sets of clients), and the location of relevant community services as well.

Now, with the addition of Census Bureau data by zip code, I&R call operators, elder care specialists, youth services advocates, mental health professionals, disaster relief managers and others can all call up demographic and other Census Bureau data with a click.  It makes for quick, effective, and visually-enhanced decision making.

Admittedly, the current data is past Census Bureau data, but this way we can help our users gain expertise with the tool set, and be all the more ready when the new data, being collected now, is available for release.

If your partnership would like to not only serve clients and manage community or state services resources, but map those relationships and layer over Census Bureau data as well, give us a call.  Our relational technology can improve your work.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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